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10 Pc Soft Plush Animal Finger Puppet Set Includes Elephant, Panda, Duck, Rabbit, Frog, Mouse, Cow, Bear, Dog, Hippo

10 Pc Soft Plush Animal Finger Puppet


MPN: Ecopy000042
UPS: 812493013135
Package Quantity: 10

This product is extremely popular! Children is going to take the 10 Pc Soft Plush Animal everywhere. I definitely loved that the product has hard to find designs, such as frog, hippo and duck (with fuzzy hair). Additional features consist of puppets range from 2. 75" - 4", 10 piece set (as shown in image) and super cute plush finger puppets. Best deal on 10 Pc Soft Plush Animal . To order this product now at the cheapest price, click on the shopping cart add to cart button on this page.

10 Plush Finger Puppet Set. 75"-4"tall. Have a zoo right at your fingertips! Range from 2.


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