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Ted 24 Plush With Sound, R-rated, 5 Phrases (explicit Language)

24 Plush With Sound5 Star Rating
24 Plush With Sound
Selecting A 24 Plush With Sound

There's no doubt that you will like that the bear comes along with this feature of the language may not be appropriate for young children. Additional features include things like features 12 phrases from the film, talking bear and officially licensed product. 0022286942553 is the bar code for this bear. The bear is 23.5" Height x 10" Length x 16" Width. It weighs close to 3 lbs. It comes with a warranty of no warranty from the manufacturer. Selecting a 24 Plush With Sound .

plush sound r-rated phrases explicit language

Discount Sale Price: $50.59
Publisher: Ted
Model: 94255
UPC: 022286942553

Product Info

Ted could be the main character of a comedy featuring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis. #. Carry the whimsical wonder of Seth Mac Farlane's Ted film about with you! # you, Thunder! #hole?"" Oh f! Aha! The upcoming film is written, directed, and made by Seth Mac Farlane (creator of Family Guy along with other hit shows ). #ed up, but will you take care of me for ever and ever? . This Ted R-Rated 24-Inch (life size) Talking Plush will preserve you entertained for countless hours. It's been 4 years, Johnny! Just grab your Thunder Buddy and say these magic words: F! Where's my ring, huh? You can suck my d! Where's my ring, mother f! You'd never expect it from a teddy bear, but that just goes to show that you can't judge a book by its cover!! Now I'm gonna stuff my f! 'Oh yeah! I'm just kidding you! # that. I thought it'd be funny should you believed I was f! Oh, God, that was so good! Put it on my fuzzy finger, you f! #in' face with Pepperidge Farm. Where's my ring,! Harder! '"" Well you never should've trusted me.!! #ing retarded. C'mon!"" You ever hear a Boston girl have an orgasm? #er? When you hear the sound of thunder, don't you get too scared. Product Description GET THE OFFICIAL R RATED TALKING VERSION- see UPC tag image for CORRECT R Talking Version! I'm on drugs! He looks so cute and innocent, but he's really nothing of the sort. #! In fact, he's quite the raunchy small guy when he starts saying stuff. Harder! Other"clean"version exist and this is much confusion more than who has what!"" Alright c'mon, let's sing the Thunder Song. You can't get me, Thunder, 'cause you're just God's farts (makes fart noise ). Oh yeah! You and me happen to be together for 27 years. The R-Rated version with each of the Talking Ted Plush features the following 5 phrases from the Ted movie:"Yeah, I mean, y-you know when you sewed me up you put some from the stuffing in the incorrect areas so I'm - I'm a little f! You'll love this ACTUAL MOVIE SIZE 24-inch, 1:1 scale Ted Plush, even when he talks and says some bawdy clips from Ted.


  • Features 12 phrases from the film
  • The language may not be appropriate for young children
  • Officially Licensed Product
  • Talking bear
  • Count: 1
  • Dimensions: Height: 23.5" Length: 10" Depth: 16"
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Package: Height: 10" Length: 24" Width: 10"
  • Package Weight: 4.75 lbs.


No Warranty

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