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Aurora World 9 Bee Mine Plush Bear

9 Bee Mine Plush Bear

Aurora World Inc

Model: 07691
UPS: 092943076914
Package Quantity: 1

Aurora World 9 Bee Mine Plush Bear manufactured by Aurora World Inc is without a doubt fantastic. A list of special features include made with super soft material, wears an endearing facial expression and features removable hood and wings. It's dimensions are 9" Height x 6.5" Length x 8" Width. It has a weight of 0.5 lbs, select the link below.

Aurora World's Lady Bug Woe Bear is absolutely adorable with her trademark furrowed brow and ladybug outfit. This sweet bear is fashioned in super-soft plush material and wears a removable hood with ladybug antennae and a pair of wings on her back. Aurora World has been designing and manufacturing high quality plush for far more than 30 years.


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