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Kids Preferred Disney Plush, Winnie The Pooh

Disney Plush
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Kids Preferred

Model: 79144
UPS: 081787791442
Color: Winnie the Pooh
Package Quantity: 1

Part Number 0486695700126. The bear comes in winnie the pooh. Among the list of best attributes is the sounds help stimulate the auditory sense. Other highlights consist of pooh stands 9" tall and pooh is cuter and softer than ever. The teddy bear is 1.86" Height x 6.85" Length x 3.74" Width and it weighs somewhere around 0.25 lbs. Best deal on the disney plush . If you prefer a good deal for this bear, visit the shopping cart button.

Oh brother, this Pooh might be the floppiest and softest about. He capabilities a jingle in his grumbly tummy and crinkle in his ears. He is just the right pal to dream of overflowing honey pots with.


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