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Fisher-price Doodle Bear Violet

Doodle Bear Violet
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Fisher Price

Model: W0377
UPS: 746775025830
Package Quantity: 1

Your toddler will delight in the Doodle Bear Violet . One of the major features for this bear is the comes with a stencil that has 3 shapes in it for the child to trace. Other highlights consist of doodle over and over again. The teddy bear is 5" Height x 15" Length x 10" Width. It has a weight of 0.4 lbs. 746775025830 is the barcode, also called the Universal Product Code for this wonderful product. Searching for Doodle Bear Violet .

Love at First Sight- Fisher-Price Doodle Bear Violet is really a classic love-at-first sight, “ best-friend ” toy. Markers are included to give little ones plenty of options for making doodle looks. Kids will love taking this toy along to play dates and cuddling with it, too. Children adore drawing on this soft bear, creating fashion “ looks ”, doodling and “ signing ” their names. And, activities like drawing will strengthen their hand/eye coordination! And suitable after a wash and dry, this bear will look like new and be ready for more fresh and colorful doodle looks! Besides just plain fun, Fisher-Price Doodle Bear Violet offers developmental benefits, too. Fisher-Price Doodle Bear Violet is really a great toy for never-ending creativity. Plus, their fine motor expertise will create as they grasp the pen while doodling and stamping. Then your little one can keep on loving and doodling again and once again. This adorably plush bear will probably be a go-anywhere favorite – even to bed for nighttime snuggling. Children can draw on it all they want, then into the washer and dryer it goes to come out like new! Little ones will take big pride in creating a personalized character they decorate themselves, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Two dual-tipped washable markers are included, each with a drawing nib plus a stamper for hours of doodling, drawing and decorating. The Doodle Bear is entirely machine washable and dryer protected so you can clean the bear whenever you want.


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