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Aurora World 10 Barnam Black Bear

World 10 Barnam Black Bear

Aurora World, Inc.

Model: 21082
UPS: 092943210820
Package Quantity: 1

Children might take this World 10 Barnam Black Bear everyplace. 0092943210820 is the EAN barcode or the International Article Number for this super teddy bear. A summary of feature characteristics include new super soft material, wonderful gift item, soft and cuddly and dreamy eyes. The bear dimensions are 6" Height x 11" Length x 5.5" Width. It weighs somewhere around 0.5 lbs. The bear comes with a warranty of 30 day warranty against defects from the manufacturer. For more information on this bear, visit our partners via the add to shopping cart button on this page.

Aurora World 10"Barnam Black Bear. Features include: • New super soft material• Dreamy eyes• Soft and cuddly• Bean-filled• Wonderful gift item Aurora World is internationally referred to as a top manufacturer of plush. This cute black bear has dreamy eyes with soft cuddly fabric.


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